Today I donated my hair for the 6th time in my life to organizations that take and make wigs for people with cancer.Three times to Locks of Love, once to Wigs for Kids, and now twice to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I donated a total of 8 1/2 inches,just enough to make a wig. Sadly only the bottom half of my hair could be donated,but it’s better then nothing.

The braid that’s in my hand is what is being donated to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths.

I plan to grow my hair back out and continue to donate it.

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    It has! Many people I’m sure. The first time I got it cut they were pretty sure that they’d get two wigs out of it.XD...
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    That’s great :D! I’m sure your lovely hair has made several people very happy :) And your short hair looks super super...